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Material: Paper
Color: Brown
Shape: Round
Number of Containers: 25
Special Feature: Disposable, Durable

SKU: FoodContainer-25 Category:

– Its dimensions makes it great for one or two servings, in addition to the classic round shape which enables for easy handling on the go. Use this container to serve your signature soups and stews, specialty ice creams or sorbet, or your most popular salads and hot side dishes.
– Made from double poly-coated paperboard, the internal cup inside the container and lid combo is durable and moisture resistant. Use it for serving anything from light chicken noodle soup to thick, hearty stews, ice cold frozen yogurt to gelato. It ensures combined rigidity and reliability you want in a take-out paper hot food cup and lid combo.
– This paper hot food cup features a tightly-rolled rim, ideal for ensuring a safe, secure lid fit. It is smooth to the touch, making it great for sipping too. When the lid is on, the rim works to prevent spills due to the tight fit, while also eliminating the risk of rapid temperature loss.
– To avoid sag, this container and lid combo includes a vented paper lid that lets hot, moist air out, before it’s trapped within the container. It is a crisp, Kraft color, for a clean presentation, and it’s made of the same double poly-coated paperboard as the container, so it’s both durable and moisture resistant.
– Product Dimensions: 9.85 x 8.89 cm, 0.59 kg.


  1. j

    Perfect for my chili! Packaged well. I’ll definitely buy again whenever I run out.

  2. margot gaskill

    I use them for homemade soups and ice cream. Great for sharing my homemade goodies.

  3. cla

    Perfect use for ice cream

  4. Betty Booper

    we used it for soup. our group did a fund raiser. it was impressive looking

  5. Meg of the Woods

    I use these to pack my dog’s food for when I take him to kennel or daycare.

  6. Eutaw

    Wasn’t sure how these cup’s would hold up, but to my surprise they worked perfect for a work gumbo party.  

  7. L T

    Good in the freezer. I buy a tub of my favorite Carvel ice cream, and make a variety of sundaes. They stack up nicely in the freezer. 

  8. Mary mihld


  9. hhimommy

    These 12-ounce bowls were the perfect size for a soup and salad lunch during teacher appreciation week.

  10. Rich

    These were just the right size ( 8oz.) for one serving of soup, or. Whatever you might want to pack for say

  11. Zineb Gm

    Good quality. I used it for soup and it didn’t leak even while driving. I highly recommend

  12. Robert R

    We are using these cups for a single serving instant oatmeal

  13. Linda Whitener

    These were purchased for a monthly community feeding event at our church

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