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Material: Glass
Lid Color: Dark Green
Shape: Rectangle, Square, Round
Number of Containers: 12
Special Features: Air Tight, Leak Resistant, Stackable

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– Glass meal prep containers are made of high quality borosilicate glass, for oven, microwave, dishwasher and freezer. Stronger than cheaper glass food storage containers, food can be stored in glass containers directly after cooking. The containers are versatile to meet your everyday food storage needs, perfect for prep meals at home or whatever you need for the occasion.
– 12 glass food storage containers with 12 lids with 12 various sizes and 3 shapes for meal prep, office lunches, leftovers, portion control, bringing to the gym, picnics, travel and more. Package includes: 1 (33.8 oz), 1 (21.3oz ), 1 (13.5oz ), 1 (6.3 oz), 1 (27.1 oz), 1 (16.9 oz), 1 (10.5 oz), 1 (5.4 oz), 1 (31.5 oz), 1 (21.5oz ), 1 (12.5oz ), 1 (7.3 oz) glass lunch containers with locking lids. They stack together and take up less space.
– Airtight glass lunch containers use BPA-free snap-lock lids. Make sure there are no spills and leaks, keeping your food fresh, you never have to put up with spilled soup or sauce staining your lunch containers again. The lid opens and closes easily and does not break or slowly stop working. Ovens, microwaves and dishwashers are not lid friendly, please remove the lid before heating food or washing.
– Compared to ordinary plastic meal prep containers, our glass meal prep containers are non-toxic and durable, won’t absorb food flavors, or stains, and make them easy to clean. Different sizes and shapes are perfect for various occasions and events.
– Product Dimensions: 36.32 x 22.86 x 19.30 cm, 5.02 kg.


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